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Introduction of Nylon Ball Valve



Nylon ball valve, is famous for its newly structure. It is a unique invention in the world. It has invention partent and new utility and new mold partent issued by Intellectural Property Office of People’s Republic of China. It could be widely used in civilian construction, chemical and pharmaceutical factory, agricultural irrigation and so on. It is a green and pollution-free product which could replace part of metal product in the same category. Now the nylon ball valves are mainly out to New Zealand, South Africa, America, Middle East and so no.


l  Perfict material

Polyamideshort for PA is also called nylon. It is extracted from castor oil (a kind of vegetable oil). Comparing to common plastic, it is strong, resilient, non-toxicity, light, heat-resistance, cold-resistance, kinds of chemical resistance, oil resistance and so on. It is widely used in medical treatment, textile, printing, packing and some area else. Its endurable temperature is range from -20℃ to 120℃. It is the most widely used engineering plastic in our daily life. It is indicated that nylon is no more a common plastic after various application. Quite a lot of common material including metal is replaced by nylon material in some certain degree for its unique trait.

l  Advanced manufacture process;

The nylon ball valve adopts advanced high temperature injection technique, which keeps the trait of nylon material and also makes the structure of nylon ball valve compact. Thus the life circle of nylon ball valve is much longer than common plastic ball valve. It is tested that nylon ball vlave could keep all the traits of nylon material very well and own the unique traits as well by injection process: better sealed for three O-ring; longer circle than common plastic product for nylon material’s good frication (its frication resistance is 7-8 times to brass); Rest but not the least, nylon material could endure widely temperature range from -20 to 120.

The thread "is as solid as you can get," Gerry Kirton From SANSPARE, the general agent of South Africasays. He points out that stripping of threads is a common problem with plastic product has withstood the toughest tests. "It has proven to be as tough as nails-even better," Kirton says proverbially.


l  Good quality with competitive price;

It has a long circle life as long as or even longer than top quality of water and heating metal product. It also has much wider working environment than common water and heating metal product. As the standard of living is increasing, people take more attention on if the water and heating metal product with heavy metal. The requirement of product used in drinking water is stricter. So the nylon ball valves are recognized by the people step by step for non-toxicity, non-pollution, oxidizing resistance, UV resistance and competitive price.


l  A strong development team

The nylon ball valve is invented by the team which consists of engineer of firsty generation of Chinese valve and some specialists who good at mould opening and the research of plastic injection. We also could design and make various products according to client’s requirement. Our company had already designed and made new products for Zhejiang Longyou Water Meter Company and Ningbo Water Meter Company (one of the largest watermeter company in China). Our company could offer products as following: nylon ball valve, nylon faucet, PP-R connected nylon ball valves,nylon spring check valve and nylon pipe fittings. Now we are in research of nylon gate valve and some other nylon products.


l  Unified and improved sales mode;

In the tenet of “mutural benefit, cooperation and go further together”, on the basis of”quality first, client first”, and under the guideline of”quality gurantee, service in advance”, our company looks for the distributor with the same idea. In order to gurantee the right and benefit of the clients and distributors, our company carried out the sales mode that”one general distributor in one area”.  Our company also will offer the new client 3 months for market exploring and some other favorable policies for product promotion. We are welcome people who have the same idea; stradegic sight and interest in nylon ball valve join us. Let’s hand in hand, go forward together.


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