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Why choose nylon/polyamide material?


Nylon / Polyamide


Type 6, Type 6/6 


* Why use Nylon:


    • Very Stiff Material – Great Wear Properties
    • Good Mechanical and Impact Properties
    • Self Lubricating & Abrasion Resistant
    • Many Varieties and formulations Available
    • Extremely Durable – Your Home Carpet and Your Much Household Rope are Great Examples
    • Huge range of rod and sheet sizes – available as standard, also massive capacity on special order. *

* This materials is…

excellent wearing and very abrasion resistant. Introduced in 1938, and now one of the world’s most recognized plastic materials.  Inherently dimensionally stable makes for consistent finished parts. An extremely tough material used in numerous demanding applications (like Carpet fiber and common Rope). A very popular engineering and mechanical plastic for its exceptional physical properties.

  • Good Machining Properties
  • Low co-efficient of Friction
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Outstanding Chemical Resistance
  • Available with MoS2 (Molybdenum Disulfide – MD) fill for additional wear resistance
  • One of the most  Durable and Toughest  wearing materials made
  • Readily available as Rod, Rods, Sheet, Sheets, Slab, Block, Strip, Tubular Bar

This material is used frequently in a self lubricating bearing surface or slide type applications. Resistant to most common chemicals.  One of the most popular work horse materials of the mechanical plastics family. Used in Food Processing, Automotive, Fluid Handling, Electronics and Mining applications. Other brand or trade names for Type 6/6 and Type 6: Vekton®,  Unipa®,  Tecast®, Nyoil®,  Tecamid®, Sustamid®, Capron®, Nylatron®, Ensilon®, and Zytel®. Is Nylon a Plastic…yes, one of the most common plastic materials available.

Applications – Frequently used in:

  • Wear and Slide machined parts
  • Replacement for wear metals like bronze and brass
  • Parts requiring extended wear life, light weight and ease of fabrication
  • Applications requiring outstanding chemical resistance
  • Parts needing up to 210ºF continuous use temperature
  • Custom formulations and grades, able to be cast to near-net-shape

    Nylon MD - Polyamide Plastic Material On Metal - Steel Core


Typical Resin Properties:

General Property ASTM Test Typical Value Type 6/6 Typical Value Type 6 Cast
Specific Gravity D792 1.15 1.15
Tensile Strength Yield D638 11,800 12,220
Tensile Modulus D638 470,000 540,000
Izod Impact – Notched D256 1.0 0.8- 1.0
Hardness – Rockwell D785 M79, R118 R115-120
Deflection Temp @ 264psi D648 197 200
Deflection Temp @ 66 psi D648 450 425
Water absorption @ 24 hrs. % 1.2 0.5 – 0.6
Melting Point D789 492 430
Co. Thermal Expansion D696 4.5X1 0-5 5. 0X10 -5

For excellent toughness, stiffness, and wear resistance, Nylon / Polyamide is an excellent choice.


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