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  • Butterfly Nylon Ball Valve

  • Itme No. : PA103
  • Brand : Huanhe
  • Available Size : 1/2
  • Valve Ball : Chrome Plated Steel Valve Ball
  • Valve Stem : Chrome Plated Steel Valve Stem
  • Handle : Chrome Plated Steel Handle
  • Thread : BSP Thread / Nylon Ended
  • Working Temperature : -20℃ - 120℃
  • Working Pressure : 1.6 MPa / PN 16 / 232 PSI / 16 Bar
butterfly nylon ball valve



Nylon ball valve mainly applies in civil water supply system, chemical and pharmaceutical area. The valve body is shaped immediately as injecting nylon colophony into mould by one time. It has many advantages, such as high strength, long cycle life. Comparing to traditional brass ball valve, cast iron ball valve, it is an ideal new product in irrigation area.
Green products, renewable resource;
Unique structure, long circle life;
Hydro carbons resistance, UV resistance;
High strength of thread torque;
Corrosion resistance without fouling for long time use;
Tolerance to freezing and high temperature: its operational temperature -20℃~120℃;
High tolerance to vibration, with standard operational pressure more than 2.0MPa;
Easy, rapid, convenient and safe for installation;
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