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  • Plastic Ball Valve-- Nylon Ball Valve

  • Itme No. : PA101
  • Brand : Huanhe
  • Available Size : 1/2", 3/4", 1", 11/4", 11/2", 2"
  • Valve Ball : Chrome Plated Steel
  • Valve Stem : Chrome Plated Steel
  • Handle : Chrome Plated Steel
  • Thread : BSP thread/ nylon ended
  • Working Temperature : 1.6 MPa / PN 16 / 232 PSI
  • Working Pressure : -20℃- 120℃


Nylon, its chemical name is Polyamide (PA for short), is extracted from castor oil. Comparing to common plastics, it is strong, resilient, non-poisonous, and light. Moreover, it resists damage from oil and many other chemicals, such as hydrocarbon, ketone, ester, phosphate and so on. Its endurable temperature ranges from -40℃ to 150℃.

Nylon ball valve is invented by Yuhuan Huanhe Plastic Industry CO., Ltd., whose body is shaped immediately as injecting nylon colophony into mould; whose ball and stem are made of metal. It is high in mechanical intensity and long circled in life because of nylon’s high-strength and resilience. Accordingly, it can be widely used in the pipes of the gas of coal or oil, as well as water supply and heating, pharmaceutical, and food industry. The spreading application of nylon ball valve will bring us economic and social benefits at the aspect of resources saving, energy saving and environment protecting. At the same time, it has splendid prospects in valve market.
1.  Green products, renewable resource;
2.  Unique structure, long circle life;
3.  Hydro carbons resistance, UV resistance;
4.   High strength of thread torque;
5.   Corrosion resistance without fouling for long time use;
6.   Tolerance to freezing and high temperature: its operational temperature -20℃~120℃;
7.   High tolerance to vibration, with standard operational pressure more than 2.0MPa;
8.   Easy, rapid, convenient and safe for installation;
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